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Tips on Conversation Topics:

1. The topics you talk about during your date should be something that will create an enjoyable atmosphere. You should always stay cheerful because dating isn't like going for class—you don't have to nag, preach or tell others what to do; so keep the topics light-hearted.

2. Keeping to time is very important. Normally the person who sets up the date should arrive a little earlier. If something comes up and you cannot be there on time or you have to push the date back, you have to find a way to inform the other person. If you really cannot make it, do apologize afterwards because missing a date is very rude.

3. Guys should initiate a conversation by asking the ladies questions.

4. Both parties should avoid long pauses in conversations. You should talk about common and various topics. Questions should be short so that the other person can say what they really think. You can talk about work, studies, interests, and even little things in life. Don't make the other person feel clueless or awkward, and don't ask questions that are hard for the person to open up.

5. During a date, especially first dates, there's always a fear of awkwardness and silence. This is absolutely normal. But, remember to not rant too much. Sometimes you might experience something unhappy at work; but if it's a first date, try to control your emotions! People who can control their emotions well are easily accepted.

6. Asking a person about their wedding and family plans or even telling the other person about your wedding and family plans is a no-no during a first date. There's no point of discussing such issues when you've never even gotten the chance to get to know the person. A date isn't a like work; it's a time for you to get to know each other, so do allow time for that to happen.


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